In 1980's ISISAN entered the pressure vessel sector and has become one of the biggest manufacturer, especially on transport and storage tanks for LPG, Cryogenics, LNG and exports 50% of its products to Middle East, Gulf, Africa, Baltics, C.I.S Contries.etc.

Committed to provide the best and economical LNG/LCNG/LPG solutions to our customers worldwide ISISAN has now entered Indian market with its registered office in Mumbai. ISISAN Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an energy solutions provider, performance oriented company that provides LNG/LCNG/LPG solutions to our esteemed customer and produces high quality cryogenic and pressure vessels for customers in various industries. Our tool and operating material construction, as well as tool making is basis for an optimum process sequences with highest quality.

ISISAN with its proven design, production, engineering and management capabilities along with their worldwide partners offer various LNG/LCNG/CNG end-to-end solutions in the Gulf and Asian countries.

Production Range:

  • LNG Regasification Systems and Plants by LNG satellite turnkey station.
  • LCNG/ CNG auto refueling stations
  • CNG/LNG Virtual pipeline systems for off Grid Industrial and Residential users by LNG/LCNG Virtual pipeline systems for off Grid Industrial and Residential users.
  • Cryogenic transport and storage tanks
  • LNG transport, storage tanks, air ambient vaporizers and satellite plants
  • LPG transport and storage tanks
  • Carbon dioxide, Nitrous oxide, Ammonia Transport and Storage tanks

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